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Bright Lights Big Ass – Jen Lancaster

April 28, 2008

I have heard a lot about the two books that Jen Lancaster has out, the other being Bitter is the New Black. I picked up Bright Lights at Barnes and Noble on the clearance table and set to work reading it over my first wedding anniversary weekend trip down to Oceanside this last weekend.

This book chronicles the time in her life after she was layed off from her dot com job and before Bitter was published when she was working temp jobs to pay the bills. Jen is so straighforward and honest about her self-indulgent, superficial life that it’s impossible to NOT love her. I think many of us have been where she is, working temp jobs, surviving in the City, living for Trader Joes. She really has a nack for humor and it shines through in this book.

I have nothing but praise for this book. It was seriously laugh out loud funny the whole way through. One of the best and funniest books I have read in a long time. I will be picking up Bitter very soon. For more of Jen’s day to day life, check out her blog Jennsylvania.

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