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Julie & Julia – Julie Powell

May 5, 2008

Ok, so I finally finished this book. I was really excited to read this book. Anything that has to do with cooking and food, I am excited to read. Reading and cooking/baking are the two things I love to do the most.

In this book, Julie Powell, who is at somewhat of a crossroads in her life, cooks all 524 recipes in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume I, in a period of 365 days. A briallint concept, in my mind. This is one of those ideas that would cross my mind, but I would quickly brush away due to the amount of time and dedication it would require.

Unfortunately, I just didn’t love this book. As much as I really, really wanted to love it, I just didn’t. I guess I wanted to read more about her experiences with the food. I was less interested in her personal life, and the personal lives of those around her. And that’s what the bulk of the book focused on. I just didn’t find her life all that interesting. She depressed me at times. Where are the stories about the food and about the recipes? I forced myself to keep reading, and I did. But I had a hard time finishing this book. And I was oh so sad when I finished because I expected so much more.

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