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Love the One You’re With – Emily Giffin

June 27, 2008
I was excited about reading this book. Emily Giffiin has several other books out, all of which I have read and liked. So, I bit the bullet and purchased this one in hardback when it was released.

The concept of this book is very interesting. There are those people in all of our lives. You know – those people from our past who we always wonder “what if” about. What if I had stuck it out in that relationship? Would it have worked out in the long run? Would I be in a different place in my life if we had stayed together?

I thought the book was pretty good and believable. It made me think a little about my past. The thing I like about Emily Giffins books is that, even though it is chick lit, the main characters are a little more down to earth and believable. Yeah, there were a few fluffy characters in there. But the main character was believable and likeable and I could understand the delimma she was facing. I have read some reviews from people who didn’t like the choice she made at the end, but I will say (without giving the ending away) that I did.
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