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Coctails for Three – Madaleine Wickham

July 15, 2008

I have really liked all of the books written by Sophie Kinsella. They are light, fun, easy reads without being too dumb and ditzy. Tell-tale chick lit. But good reads nonetheless. When I found out that Sophie has another set of books written under the name Madeiline Wickham (written before the Sophie Kinsella books), I figured it couldn’t hurt to give one a try.

follows the lives of three friends, Candice, Roxanne, and Maggie, as they live their lives in London. All three women work for a magazine, The Londoner, but are in vastly different places in their lives. Candice is trying to repair damage done by her father, Roxanne is trying to come to terms with an affair with a married man, and Maggie is dealing with new motherhood and a move to the country with her husband.
This book is a good, light read. Not as good as her work as Sophie Kinsella. The characters were a little more flat, and not quite as loveable and likeable as they could have been. But, overall, I’d still recommend this book as a good light, quick read.
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