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Picture Perfect – Jodi Picoult

September 5, 2008

I believe this may have been one of Jodi Picoult’s first books. It was published in 1995. I have read quite a few of Picoult’s books now, and was curious to see how this early book compared to her more recent work.

Picture Perfect tells the story of Cassie, who, when the book starts, wakes up to find she has been beaten, but has amnesia, so she can’t remember how she got where she is, or what happened to her. As the story begins to unravel, Cassie begins to piece back her memory, including the mystery of how she got beat up, who beat her up, and why she was out on the streets of LA alone.

I’m not sure that I loved this book. It didn’t feel very realistic to me. The subject matter – a famous actor beating his wife – just wasn’t quite told in a way that convinced me it was a “real” story. It was a fairly typical Picoult book. So, if you like her stuff in general, you will probably like this one, as well. It just left a little to be desired, for me.

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