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There’s No Place Like Here – Cecilia Ahern

February 24, 2009

This was a very different and interesting book. I had previously read P.S. I Love You by Ahern on a recommendation from a friend, and loved that book. I was expecting more of the same from this book. Boy was I ever wrong. This book was very, very different from P.S. I Love You.

This book tells the story of Sandy Shortt (who, by the way, is tall and has very dark hair), a private detective who spends her life looking for people. Sandy has always had a fascination with finding lost items. Going all the way back to her childhood, Sandy has had an obsession with finding missing items – socks, stuffed animals, and the neighbor girl who went missing and was never found. She would spend days and days looking for these lost items, to the point where her parents put her in counseling, hoping she would learn to deal with her issues.

In this book, Sandy goes out for a jog one morning, decides to wander off the path into the forest, and is, quite literally, lost in the forest. In the forest, she begins to meet other people who have gone missing over the years – many of whom she has searched for over the course of her career.

This book was very odd and I’m torn over how much I really liked it, or not. It certainly made me think a bit about my own life, and about finding my true inner self. If you’re looking for something a bit different, and odd to read, check this one out.

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