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Comfort Food – Kate Jacobs

March 17, 2010

Comfort food is a more recent offering by Kate Jacobs, author of the best selling Friday Night Knitting Club. Comfort Food centers around Gus Sampson, television cooking host extraordinaire, her life and her family. Comfort Food combines two of my favorite genres, chick lit and foodie fiction. It is literally a match made in heaven, to my bookie self.

In Comfort Food, Gus’s life begins to crack as her television cooking show is cancelled and she begins to doubt herself a little as she approaches the big 5-0. Gus is forced to co-host a show with a woman she despises to try to save her career as a television host. Hosting her program on Food TV is the only job she really knows and loves, and she is terrified of the prospect of losing everything she has ever loved.

I am a sucker for any book, movie, anything with a food theme. As a result, I liked this book. However, the characters were not as strong, as evolved, and likeable as those in the Friday Night Knitting Club, and other novels of this genre. But the story line is entertaining and kept me wanting to read. A good no-frills, no serious throught required type of book.

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