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Forget Me Knot – Sue Margolis

July 3, 2010

It is summer time, and I have been looking for a good, light, easy novel to read. Good chick lit is really hard to find. Trust me, I have spent hours and hours searching. I picked up Forget Me Knot at a thrift store and thought I would give it a shot.

In Forget Me Knot, Abby is the owner of a hip flower shop and is engaged to Toby, a successful businessman. The only problem, Toby is gay. Abby suspected for a long time, but when Toby finally confirmed it, she was devistated. When Dan enters the picture, after meeting in an embarrassing and unfortunately elevator incident, Abby’s life takes starts to look up. Dan wants to use her flower shop as a backdrop for a movie he is making. But Dan is not exactly who or what Abby expects!

This was a light and easy read. Good for a quick summer or beach read. It was light and fluffy, and had a few moments. But by no means is the book anywhere near the top of my list. I’m still looking for that next great chick lit book.

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