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Women Food and God – Geneen Roth

October 1, 2010

I have always had a love/hate relationship with food, as so many other people have. For me, it started in the seventh grade when my PE teacher told me I was unathletic and no amount of practice would make me any better. And then again in the eleventh grade when my health teacher told me I looked “fatter than I was” after he did the dunk test to test our body fat levels. Mine came back at 18 percent. So, no, I was by no means fat. But it was just another incident that lead me to a lifetime of food issues. To this day I struggle with food and weight. And I probably always will. All of this coming from someone who weighs in at 124 pounds a little over a year after giving birth. Even though I am not fat, and have never really been, I think I will always look in the mirror and see a “fat girl.”

As a result of my obsessions with food, I have read many a self help book on the subject. This book came highly recommended by my neighbor, and she lead me down the right path with Tolle’s A New Earth, so I gave it a shot.  

I think my expectations were way too high. I was looking for enlightenment that I do not think I will ever find. I actually hated this book. It seemed so simple, and so common sense. Yes, of course what you eat mirrors our thoughts, feelings, shortcomings, fears, and relationships. It’s something most people refuse to acknowledge, but, yes, it is true. Duh. At least for me. And the whole God part? I just didn’t get that. She tried to say that coming to terms with food leads to coming to terms with God, even though she acknowledges she doesn’t even believe in God in this book. I really hated that part.

This book is hailed as “quite simply, a guide for life.” Ugh. No. Don’t waste your money, especially on the hardback edition. I’m hoping I can sell my copy on Ebay for as much as I paid for it.

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