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Nanny Returns – Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

October 6, 2010

Nanny Returns is a follow up to the bestselling The Nanny Diaries. Nanny Returns follows Nan ten years later when she (now married to Ryan, aka, Harvard Hottie) moves back to New York to start their life together in the City after having lived all over the world following Ryan’s job.

I had some pretty high hopes for this book that ultimately fell pretty short of the mark. Nan hasn’t changed much since the original, and she doesn’t seem to have learned much, either. For someone who despised the Xs, she easily falls back into a world run by them and their cronies as soon as she returns to New York. At the same time, her husband is hounding her to get pregnant, and they are living in a house that is completely uninhabitable. There is just too much jam packed into this book. A couple of the story lines should have been cut.

It was not a a terrible book. But it was not that great, either. A definite beach read. And I would not recommend paying full price for it.

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