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Run Like a Mother – Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea

February 11, 2011

Apparently I have been running since, um, forever. I have never really given much thought to running, it is just something I have always done. Like taking out the trash. Well, I started to think about it the other day, and I realized I have been running fairly consistently for the last 17 years. Holy moly. The funny thing is that if someone asks me if I like running, my first impulse is to say “no, I don’t like to run.” But that must not be the truth. Would I regularly engage in an activity I did not like for 17 years?

 I am really started to get back into running after being off and on for most the last couple of years. The last few years I was pregnant, then recovering, then taking care of a newborn. I could never really find the time to make it a part of my daily life again. But over the course of the last few months, I have done just that. I realized how much I missed running. Yes, I missed it. So, I have spent the last few months easing back into a running routine. It has been hard. I’m not as young as I used to be. I sleep less. I have more on my plate. I have a child that is my first priority. My free time is extremely limited. Pregnancy and childbirth apparently changed my entire body because I have new aches and pains, and the running shoes that I have always loved so dearly do not love me anymore. I am going to be fitted for a new pair of shoes that like me back so my feel will stop aching.

 Onto the book. I stumbled across Run Like a Mom when I was perusing the free Kindle books section on Amazon. I immediately downloaded the book and read the entire thing. I really enjoyed this book. I already know a lot of the basic technical information in this book related to running, like making the right shoe and clothing choices, how to train, hydration, nutrition, etc. But I really enjoyed the anecdotes sprinkled throughout by the authors. The book really inspired me to push myself farther as a running mom.

 It was very interesting for me to read this book because these women were so much like me. They run for the same reasons I run. They feel the same way about running and everything that comes with it that I do. They make time for running because it makes them better mothers. It was fascinating. And inspiring. I think I am finally going to conquer my fear of racing and enter my first 10k, with a goal of running the Disney Half Marathon in September. After that, who knows? The sky is the limit. Yikes.

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