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Legacy – Danielle Steel

March 3, 2011

My book club reads and discusses an extremely wide variety of books. We have read everything from Twilight to Lemony Snicket , from Founding Fathers to To Kill a Mockingbird and everything in between. So, one of the members of the book club thought it would be fun to read a Danielle Steel novel. I was pretty skeptical, as were most of the other members of the book club. I have read Danielle Steele before; however, I think I was about twelve and into reading books I was not supposed to be reading that last time I read one. After a lot of back and forth discussion and disagreement, we finally all relented and decided to give it a go.

 The plot of this book was actually interesting. It is about Bridgette Nicholson, a 38 year old woman who, in the course of two days, loses her job at Boston University and her boyfriend of six years. At a loss of where to go from there, Bridgette takes on the task of helping her mother trace their family history. In the process, she discovers that she is descended from French aristocracy. To add to the intrigue, she finds a link to a Native American Sioux woman named Wachiwi who somehow ended up in France married to a prominent Frenchman.

 Overall, I was pretty “meh” about this book. I am not generally a fan of the “romance” genre. In addition, I expected a lot more out of Steel in terms of overall writing ability and character development. I found a lot of the dialogue to be unbelievable. And a lot of the characters fell flat. There just was not enough there to keep me wanting to read more of her books. An interesting story told through bad writing. A lot of potential that fell flat.

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