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This Lullaby – Sarah Dessen

March 23, 2011

So, I have been on a Sarah Dessen kick. When I find a new author I like who has published quite a few books, that tends to happen. The great thing about Dessen is that she is so easy to read and her books are a great escape in the same way a good chick flick is a great escape. This is my third Dessen book this year, but is definitely my least favorite. The first two books I read led me to my happy place. They were happy escapes. This book rubbed me the wrong way.

 In This Lullaby, Remy is a cynic when it comes to relationships. She does not believe in really putting herself out there. Why should she, though, when her role model (her mother, a successful romance novelist) is on her fifth marriage. Remy is tough and has high standards. When she meets Dexter the summer before she is on her way to college at Stanford, he goes against everything she has ever said she did not want in a boyfriend and in a relationship.

 I really did not like the main character, Remy, and that set the tone for the book as a whole. I could just never really get into her story like I could with the main characters in The Truth About Forever and Lock and Key. Remy was cold and unlikeable, and she did not come across as realistic in my mind. It is really tough to like a book when you really dislike the main character. I was a little disappointed in this book. But, I will more than likely given Dessen another try.

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