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Hex Hall & Demonglass

May 6, 2011

These two books are the first in what I imagine will be a three book series. Both have ended in cliffhangers leading into the next book. Too bad that I now have to wait for the third book to come out to find out what happens. 

 Sophie Mercer has powers that she didn’t know how to control. After an unfortunate event on Prom night, she is sent to Hex Hall, a reform school for delinquent Prodigium. Come to find out, she’s a witch, which explains her mysterious powers. Or is she? Sophie weaves her way though adventure upon adventure as she tries to find her identity, and her family’s identity in the first two books of the Hex Hall series.

 The first two books in the Hex Hall series were entertaining and a bit quirky. The writing was mediocre, at best. The books are a little different from what I usually read. I found Sophie to be a little annoying. Hawkins attempted to make her witty and humorous. Some of the jokes were funny, some were not. And she seemed a little airheaded and scatterbrained, considering the situations she was getting herself into.

 But, overall, the books were entertaining enough that I will probably read the third when it is released just to find out how the story wraps up.

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