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Stay – Deb Caletti

May 26, 2011

This book looked very interesting from the first time I looked at it. It addresses a very serious issue that so many teenage girls face, and I was interested to find out how the story would progress.

 Stay tells the story of Clara and Christian’s relationship. Intense from the start, the two quickly became inseparable. But as their relationship progresses, Christian increasingly becomes more and more possessive of Clara, soon becoming willing to do almost anything to make her stay with him.

 Clara’s father decides it would be wise to leave town for the summer. Hopefully getting away will give both Clara and Christian space they both need to heal from the abusive relationship. But things aren’t always that easy. We soon find out that Christian’s obsession with Clara goes deeper than anyone realized, putting both Clara and her father in danger.

 The story is well written and kept my attention. The story was intriguing and mysterious. There was a lot of well written suspense that built throughout the course of the book. I thought the ending fizzled out a bit. But, overall a great book that tackles a very serious issue.

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