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Pretty Amy – Lisa Burstein

December 15, 2012

PAIt’s no secret I love young adult contemporary fiction. It comprises 80 percent of what I read, if not more. I’m just not the girl who’s ever going to be into sci fi, fantasy, and alternate worlds. I do try. I give these titles my all, and intersperse them in between all of the contemporaries, but I just don’t love them in the same way.

I am particularly drawn to stories about women coming into their own and finding themselves. So, Pretty Amy was a no brainer for me.

Amy is struggling with her identity. A high school “nobody” she befriends Cassie and Lila and embarks on a journey that leads her straight to trouble.

After being arrested for possession and intent to sell, Amy’s parents force her to get a job and encourage her to “narc” on her friends to get her out of her legal troubles.

Amy goes through some heavy duty soul searching before realizing the truth about her “friends” and doing the right thing.

I can’t recommend this book enough to every teenage girl out there struggling with her identity, struggling to fit in, and looking for validation. I only wish there had been more books like Pretty Amy when I was a teenager and needed them so badly.

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