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Pitcharama: The Summer That Saved Me

June 15, 2014

Title: The Summer That Saved Me

Author: Laurie Litwin

Genre: YA Historical (1970s)

Word Count: 66,000


Rock n roll is seventeen-year-old Cass Walker’s escape from a harsh life on the wrong side of the tracks. When she listens to her favorites – Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, The Doors – she’s free from the ghosts that whisper threats in her ear and the scars that mark her body like a map.

But even music can’t help her flee from the reality of a lifestyle where drugs are exchanged like candy and casual sex is the norm. Or her musician boyfriend that beats the crap out of her. Things go from bad to worse when she’s sexually assaulted by her high-as-a-kite mom’s loser boyfriend. So when her grandmother offers her the guest cabin at the lake for the summer, she jumps at the chance. A summer of music and healing is exactly what she needs to help mend her body and spirit.

As she’s moving in, she meets Brent, who is everything she isn’t – clean cut, All American, straight as an arrow, and rich. As their relationship deepens, she pushes him away. He may not hit her, but she’s no one’s ghetto project. She tries to forget him, but he won’t let her, showing her respect she refuses to acknowledge. And after a huge fight with the abusive jerk she can’t completely give up leaves her so black and blue she can hardly walk, she has to decide whether Brent’s the only one who can truly help the scars fade forever.

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  1. June 24, 2014 11:18 am

    Hi Laurie! You’re one of my three picks to go to the final round in Pitcharama! To go through to the final round, you need to email your final pitch (with the same details as above) to by midday (Australian eastern standard time) on 26th June. (We’re about 14 hours ahead of NY time, if that helps!)

    I was wondering if you could do me a favour too. My third pick is Lottery Girl, which you pitched for your friend Leslie in Pitch Your Mate. But I don’t have a blog account or email address for her. Can you please flag this with her? (I saw she pitched another of your MSs – I assume that was her – but wasn’t able to wrangle contact details from Gravatar!)

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